Tessa Muss

Vice-President of professional events - Technology

Tessa Muss, originally from Vienna, Virginia, is a sophomore in Currier House pursuing a concentration in Human Developmental and Regenerative Biology with a secondary in Computer Science and a citation in Spanish. She is passionate about investigating the intersection of technology and medicine, having worked at Lockheed Martin and the National Institute of Standards and Technology during high school. This past summer, she worked at the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases. On campus, she is a program coordinator for Strong Women, Strong Girls, an organization that focuses on mentoring underprivileged girls. Tessa is also involved in a program that provides animal therapy for the elderly and a program that provides academic enrichment for immigrant children. She is a former member of the Women’s Rugby Team at Harvard. In her free time, Tessa enjoys playing lacrosse, hiking, and playing the flute.